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WATCHER | first ever | Bengali web series | 2016 | URS FILMS | Episode - 10 | Studio 15

Source: Youtube

Abinash is a guy who has become a watcher because he became failure and frustrated while working in different professional organisations. Though he is not the cause for his failures.

Custing list:-
Molay Roychowdhury
Dibyendu Samanta
Aritra Karmakar
Srijita Chakraborty
Souradip Banerjee
Udayan Bagchi
Saptarshi Mitra
Souvik Goswami

Director: Souradip Banerjee
Aritra Karmakar
Producer: Souradip Banerjee
Udayan Bagchi
Cinematographers: Subhadeep Naskar
Debashish Roy
Edit & CC: Subhadeep Naskar
Poster design: Subhadeep Naskar
Sound : Biswajit Sengupta

Publicity partner: Studio 15


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