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Sapna Sappu

Sapna Sappu


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Mumbai, India

Joined Feb, 2021

Sapna Sappu Biography, Professional details

Sapna Sappu is an Indian erotica film actress in Mumbai. Sapna Sappu is famous for Fliz, Alt Balaji and many other OTT plaform. She has done more than 250 films. She is now acting on web series.


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  • sanjay Choudhary Review onEnigmatixmedia
    sanjay Choudhary
    11 Nov, 2022

    So hot 😍🔥lavlie Old is gold pc

  • Vijay Review onEnigmatixmedia
    30 Jun, 2022

    Superb nice

  • Makie Review onEnigmatixmedia
    10 Mar, 2021

    wow so hot aunty Bomb wanna try her

  • Makie Review onEnigmatixmedia
    10 Mar, 2021

    Wow so hot wanna try her my heart burning like atom bomb

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