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Rekha Mona Sarkar

Rekha Mona Sarkar


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Mumbai, India

Joined Feb, 2021

Rekha Mona Sarkar Biography, Professional details

Rekha Mona Sarkar is a famous actress on OTT Platforms Kooku and some TV Shows. She is an actress as well as producer. She got popularity after the web series Golden Hole.


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  • Ashish Rajput Review onEnigmatixmedia
    Ashish Rajput
    17 Nov, 2022

    Web series

  • Sudheer Reddy Review onEnigmatixmedia
    Sudheer Reddy
    29 Sep, 2022

    We will meet outdoor dear

  • Sheik Review onEnigmatixmedia
    18 May, 2022

    Are u open minded if ;yes; contact us thanks

  • Clayton Review onEnigmatixmedia
    06 Feb, 2021

    Ma'am Your acting and expressions are amazing.Love From USA❤️

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