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Muskaan Agarwal

Muskaan Agarwal


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Mumbai, India

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Muskaan Agarwal Biography, Professional details

Muskan Aggarwal is a popular actress web series, short films, and TV shows for her erotic roles. She became famous in 2019 with her lead appearance as Choti Bahu in Charmsukh episode 1 on Ullu app. She appeared in Rupaya 500 (episodes 6) as Ranju (2021), Palang Tod (episode 1) as Shreya (2020), Yes I am Hungry (2020), etc.


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  • Amol dayma Review onEnigmatixmedia
    Amol dayma
    31 Dec, 2022

    Hi contact number please

  • Amitkumar Review onEnigmatixmedia
    26 Aug, 2022

    Hello maam nice to see ur work... U are quet bold and direct.. Liked

  • Nishapriya Review onEnigmatixmedia
    17 Aug, 2022

    Mumbai Goa

  • Nishapriya Review onEnigmatixmedia
    17 Aug, 2022


  • तेज प्रताप यादव Review onEnigmatixmedia
    तेज प्रताप यादव
    26 Jun, 2022

    हम भी काम करना चाहते हैं आप के साथ

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