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Kolkata, India

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CG AnimationsEnt Kolkata Biography, Professional details

CG Animations Entertainment is an emerging player in the animation industry, located at Howrah, West Bengal. CG Animations Entertainment is the global leaders specialized in creating entertainment content for various media and consumer platforms for kids and family across the world. CG Animations Entertainment expertise ranges from content creation, production, distribution to digital media exploitation, gaming & apps, innovation & technology and animation academics. With industry veterans from across the world in the leadership team, CG Animations Entertainment believes in going that extra mile to entertain the world. CG Animations Entertainment is an artist-driven, full-service 3-D animation and visual effects studio with production offices in Howrah, India. We develop content and create state of the art visual imagery for full-length feature animated films, high quality visual effects for live action and hybrid films, short-form media, and special venue attractions. Our creative skills range from visual and story development to final post, including complete CG and stereoscopic animation and image creation. We provide services in Pre Productions, 3D Animations, 2D Animations, Graphics designing. We bring together a proof of talent and creative professional. Their creativity is supplemented by our collection of latest technology and state-of-the-art machines. Source:



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