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Palani, India

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Biography Sasi Krishnasamy Founder of Ayngaran Foundation, Palani, Tamil Nadu, India. Sasi Krishnasamy is a well-known spiritual guru Social Activist and the Founder of the Ayngaran Foundation in Palani, Dindigul District in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Early Life and Education: On January 22nd, 1984, Sasi Krishnasamy was born to Mr. Krishnasamy and Mrs. Nageshwari in the Palani village, and at the age of 5, they moved to Coimbatore City. Sasi Krishnasamy completed his schooling and higher studies in Coimbatore. Professional Life: After completing his education, he worked for a private firm using his skills, and in 2011, he began working in the jewellery industry. Personal Life: As far as God’s gifts go, He was blessed with a wonderful and gorgeous life partner Mrs. Gokila sasikrishna in September 2009, as well as a daughter and son named Sowmiya Sasikrishna and Gowtham Sasikrishna. About the Founder: As a child, he helped people through social services, blood donations, and food donations. He worked with many trusts, foundations, and social service trusts, among others. In 2020, after a long and bumpy journey, he was finally able to fulfill his dream of starting his own foundation. He formed the Ayngaran Foundation in accordance with the Foundation Registration Act. Together, along with his partner, Mr. Sasi Krishnasamy, and Mr. Vince Thomas, formed a team of individuals having the same passion and put Ayngaran on the path to becoming a well-known NGO in India. Ayngaran Foundation: The Ayngaran Foundation is a non-profit group that was started by Sasi Krishnasamy on September 14, 2020. The location of the foundation is Palani. It focuses on meditation, education, and research with the aim of providing families with claws. It includes individuals from the United Kingdom and the United States. On September 14, 2020, the Ayngaran Foundation was registered with the Indian government.


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