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Pamela Mondal Profile, Wiki, Biography, Professional Details

Pamela Mondal

Pamela Mondal


5.0 5 Reviews

Kolkata, India

Joined May, 2020

Pamela Mondal Biography, Professional details

Pamela Mondal is an Indian film actress native to Kolkata. In 2012, she made her Ollywood debut in the movie Jaggu Autowala. Later in 2014, She became a debutant along with actress Aishwarya Dutta in a Bengali Movie Picnic. She made her Telugu debut with the movie Tippu (2015) directed by Jagadeesh Daneti. Further more in the movie V For Victor she made her entry in Bollywood. Pamela also acts in short films along with her big screen projects. In 2019, Pamela appeared in the web series Ghapa Ghap directed by Gaurav Kumar Bajaj. She is also known as Pamela Mandal.


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Reviews for Pamela Mondal

5.0 (5 Reviews)
  • Guddu Singh Review on Enigmatixmedia
    Guddu Singh
    19 Jul, 2023

    Aap ke sath ma kam karna chate ha

  • Bhai bhai Review on Enigmatixmedia
    Bhai bhai
    22 May, 2023

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  • Bhai bhai Review on Enigmatixmedia
    Bhai bhai
    22 May, 2023

    8709152820 call me

  • Sheik Review on Enigmatixmedia
    18 May, 2022

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  • bestuneed Review on Enigmatixmedia
    19 Mar, 2021

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