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Dona Cruz Fitness Trainer in Kolkata

Dona Cruz Fitness Trainer in Kolkata

Here is my picture after no workout for fucking two months straight!!
(there is a lots of fat, no pump but has the definition)
So, you think you have lost all your gains because you cannot hit gym in this quarantine. Most of you are looking FAT and others can't see the muscles pop up. So you are probably thinking all your hard work is in vein and if you want to get back what you had you have to start from the beginning.
Not Always! Muscles are hard to gain and it will not be lost easily. Remember the first few months you started gymming? It helped you to make the muscle memories. When you'll hit gym within some weeks you'll see yourself back where you paused. And after that your muscles will grow bigger in short time for few days! Isn't that amazing?
Never stop untill you reach your goal. GO GET IT. Its not easy but worth it.
Whenever you feel like you should leave remember why you started. And if anything is stopping you thats only YOU. Get your lazy ass up and hit gym.

If you are motivated and like my post go and check out my page (https://www.enigmatixmedia.com/profile/Fit.girl.dona), you'll read further about this writeup and definitely I have given you some amazing facts you should know.

If you check out my post you'll get to know something new and it will definitely help you. And you'll never regret following the page!
Good luck!

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Dona Cruz Fitness Trainer in Kolkata

Dona Cruz is a female natural bodybuilder, fitness trainer & woman athlete in Kolkata.

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