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AMEC Music School Kolkata

AMEC Music School Kolkata


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Kolkata, India

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AMEC Music School Kolkata Biography, Professional details

Academy for Musical Excellence is a Leading Music School in Kolkata since 2010. AMEC provides music classes in Kolkata for Piano, Guitar, Keyboard, Violin, Drums, Western Singing, Bollywood Singing, Indian Singing. AMEC specializes in Kodaly Children Music Education and Music Therapy. AMEC offers International Music Exams for LCM, Trinity, ABRSM, musiCEA International Music Exams. Yuva Music Festival is the most sought music concerts and competitions for school and college students. Interschool Music Competitions and Concerts provide a much needed platform for Kolkata Music Students who rarely get opportunity for public performances. International Concerts, Workshops and seminars assist music students in Kolkata to get updated. Data taken from Google



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